Trans Day Of Remembrance

November 20th, 2020

390 Trans lives have been lost worldwide in 2020

As we remember lives lost this past year, lets hold space and compassion for Trans/2Spirit folx in our community and recognize their beauty, resilience, resistance, and power and the importance of inclusion in all spaces

As we honor each and everyone of their lives and grieve each and every loss

Let’s Remember that Black and BIPOC Transwomen are the most marginalized, stigmatized, discriminated, and criminalized and experience the most violence and death on a daily basis

This year 2020, let’s Remember the lives we lost in Toronto:

Julie Berman – Dec 2019 – murdered

Coco Ritchie – Oct 2020 – death police custody/ undetermined

Remember the lives we lost in the years past:

Alloura Wells – July 2017 – death undetermined

Cassandra Do – 2004 – murdered

Chirvana Abdi – 2004 – died in police custody

Deanna Wilkinson – 1996 – murdered

Teagan – 1996 – murdered

Candace Baxter – 1992 – murdered

Lisa Black – 1987 – murdered ( no pic)

Trans Pride Toronto is demanding from all levels of government to work to decrease the violence targeted toward transgendered people.

  • Increase access to safe affordable housing and policies that protect transgender people from discrimination.
  • Increase on economic opportunities and improving police training when engaging with Trans/2Spirit people
  • Community demands change to improve policing in areas or places Trans/2Spirit live, work or hang out
  • Hold police accountable when Trans/2Spirit people are reporting violence and failure to protect transgendered people
  • Transparency when investigating violence toward Trans/2Spirit people, missing persons, death and deaths in police custody

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