World AIDs Day 2020

As we bring awareness to International AIDS Day which was started in 1988 to show support for people living with HIV/AIDS and honor those who have succumbed to AIDs related Illnesses, the fight is not over, even though we have lifesaving medications that allow people living with HIV to live full lives and medications to prevent the transmission of HIV. There is still the need to get tested to prevent further spread of this virus.  There are still many people that don’t know their status, or think they are at no risk of transmission. HIV doesn’t discriminate we are all vulnerable to this virus…

Today as Trans Pride Toronto remembers the lives of Trans/2Spirit people that are living or have succumbed to AIDs related illness and bring awareness and promote the resilience of Trans/2Spirit people that are still the most impacted or living with HIV/AIDS

 Globally Trans women of colour are 49 times more likely contract HIV due to stigma, discrimination, lack of accessible health care and living in poverty. We can change that by bringing more inclusive services that support the lives and well-being Trans/2Spirit folx

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